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    testing routines leave $x alone. bpow(), bmod(), fround(), ffround() etc
    were broken in this regard.
 accuracy and precision:
  + there is now support for both accuracy (significant digits) and precision
    (fixed number of digits after decimal point), which by default is off
  + objects/numbers now can have a local accuracy/precision
 internal fixes:
  + uses a blessed hash ref instead scalar ref (easier subclassable)
  + my instead of local
  + use strict and -w
  + s/$[/0/ (after all, $[ = 1; in main does not effect this package)
  + $# partially removed ($#y is scalar @y -1, $#$y is scalar @$y-1 - ugh!)
  + added LICENSE section and file
 new stuff:
  + MBF: :constant works now
  + MBI: :constant picks up binary and hexadecimal constants
  + brsft()/blsft() also can do other bases than 2
  + bacmp (acmp), because needed for more efficient add()
  + bzero(), bnan(), bone(), binf()
  + binc(), bdec(), bfac()
  + is_zero(), is_nan(), is_one(), is_odd(), is_even(), is_inf(), is_int()

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