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#   Title:          ADDPCLT.BAT
#   Author:         M. Hosken
#   Description:
# 1.0.0 MJPH    18-MAR-1998     Original

require '';
use Getopt::Std;
do getopts("d:z");

$[ = 0;
if ((defined $opt_d && !defined $ARGV[0]) || (!defined $opt_d && !defined $ARGV[1]))
    die 'ADDPCLT [-d directory] [-z] <infile> <outfile>

v1.0.0, 18-Mar-1998  (c)

Adds a PCLT table to a font which does not have one. Much of the information is
guesswork or made up from investigation made in the font.
    -d      specifies output directory for processing multiple files. In which
            case <outfile> is not used and <infile> may be a list including

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