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	Fixed wrong stash names in gv_stashpv analog to gv_fetchpv
	  (Text-Tabs+Wrap t/dandv.t)
	* t/testm.sh: implement -s without log file
	* t/modules.pm: export skip_modules, silence module scanning STDERR

1.23	2010-02-14 rurban
	* t/testm.sh: chmod +x
	* t/modules.t: fix $have_IPC_Run

1.22	2010-02-14 rurban
	Tested with ActivePerl 5.10.0

	* bytecode.h: unshare_hek exception for WIN32, not only MINGW
	* t/modules.t: Added list of to be skipped modules, which cycle endlessly.
	Improve todo message.
	* t/testm.sh: add option -s "install skipped modules"
	* Makefile.PL, cc_harness, perlcc: fix ldflags for ActivePerl 5.10.0
	  for MSVC6 (ccversion 12) -opt:ref,icf leads to invalid outfile "pt:ref,icf"
	* c+cc test 29 fails on 5.10 randomly. Make it a TODO

1.21	2010-02-14 rurban
	* C.pm: Add missing Nullop for CC on 5.11.4 (cc 12).
	Test 38 passes

1.20	2010-02-14 rurban
	* C.pm: #define PERL_CORE broke Null macros on 5.11.4. Define those.

1.19	2010-02-13 rurban
	Almost fixed evaltry (12) with proper cop_seq setup, just solaris and debian
	fail sometimes. Tested ok with strawberry 5.10.1

	* C.pm: fixed evaltry (test 12) mostly, NVX was shared with 2 xpad_cop_seq ints
	  which accidently just worked before 1.17 with %s, but not after changing
	  to the %g representation.
	Ignore unused random (overlong) xpviv IV, causing
	  "warning: this decimal constant is unsigned only in ISO C90"
	Defer rv => cv to run-time < 5.10. Fixes ExtUtils::Install
	Defer xpvmg->pv init to run-time < 5.10. Fixes MooseX::Types
	Check for NV inf. Fixes compilation of DateTime
	Defined PERL_CORE: Fxied Windows problems with setjmp undef'ed in XSUB.h
	Added Win32 workaround for missing PL_do_undump
	Stripped perl_ prefix from perl_get_cv, perl_call_pv, perl_call_method
	* CC.pm (1.07): added -fslow-signals.
	Disabled inlined pp_enter: Fails on empty cxstack.
	Backed out inlining of enterloop: GIMME_V fails on freebsd7
	Remove strawberry PerlProc_setjmp definition, #define PERL_CORE fixed that
	* Bytecode.pm (1.06): same NVX => xpad_cop_seq fix as in C.pm, added 2 new
	  bytecodes (cop_seq_low, cop_seq_high), fixed tests 9,10,12. Passes
	  all tests > 5.6 now.
	* bytecode.pl: added cop_seq_low (155), cop_seq_high (156) instead of xnv.
	  No conversion code for loading older bytecode needed, but fragile (double => 2 int)
	* t/modules.t: refactored by Todd Rinaldo (toddr). 4*tests per module:
	  -s a, exitcode 0, ok, no warnings on stderr
	* t/TESTS: added 38, failing on CC (Nick Koston).
	added 39, failing everywhere.
	* t/test.pl: refactor: Try to timeout on all tests (compiler and exec) if
	  IPC::Run is installed
	* MANIFEST, *.pod: Moved conference pods to ramblings,
	removed lib/B/Asmdata.pm again, added t/qr_loaded_module.pm
	* t/testm.sh, t/modules.pm: added, -t not working yet though
	* t/b.t: $[ => $]

1.18	2010-02-06 rurban
	evaltry (test 12) still broken on most systems.

	* C.pm, C.xs: fixed r-magic for 5.6 (ExtUtils::Install,
	  File::Temp, Template::Stash). need tests for run-time checks (33).
	  5.6 misses MG->pregcomp
	* t/modules.t: check for a.out (test from toddr)
	* Makefile.PL: create lib/B/Asmdata.pm beforehand (toddr)
	* ByteLoader: fixed duplicate + missing bl_header for bsd and Darwin
	  (test from toddr)
	* test 37 added - AV self-refs, analog to HVs (never failed, just to
	  be sure).
	Removed -qq from 5.6 tests.

1.17	2010-02-03 rurban
	Fixed now most module failures, non-threaded at least: bootstrap was in
	the way. strawberry perl fixes. Fixed test 29, broke evaltry test 12

	* C.pm: Added option -Dfull for all full debugging info, set all options.
	Skip saving XS bootstrap. Fixes most XS module failures. i.e.
	  Digest::MD5, Data::Dumper, ..
	  Fail: Attribute::Handlers, B::Hooks::EndOfScope, YAML, MooseX::Types
	  4 for 5.8.9-nt from the top100, and 3 for 5.11.4-nt: Attribute::Handlers,
	  File::Temp, ExtUtils::Install.
	Fixed AV self-references causing endless loops, analog to HVs (test 27)
	Fixed Getopt::Long crash with AV D magic (regdata),
	  save_magic returns now the magic types as string.
	Fixed unescaped savere (test ExtUtils::Install).
	Fixed GvSTASH "initializer element is not constant" (Test::Harness)
	Fixed xrv_list "initializer element is not constant" (Class::MOP < 5.10)
	* CC.pm (1.06): Added missing unexported definitions for MSWin32,
	  >=5.10: newGP, vivify_ref, prepare_SV_for_RV (tests 18, 29).
	  PerlProc_setjmp, PerlProc_longjmp (tests 12, 32).
	Fixed cxinc for 5.11.0
	* t/bytecode.t: mixed up 32 with 33.
	* t/modules.t, t/top100: new module test, see also the log.modules*
	  results in the svn repo.
	* t/mymodules: added as reference, executed optionally.
	* script/cc_harness: ldopts -std if no -B<opt>

1.16	2010-01-27 rurban
	use Moose and benchmark still fails. IO even a regression.

	* C.pm: Fixed braces warning for empty xpvcv startfield (Nullany),
	register int for warn_sv loop
	Fixed hv init for magic hashes, pre-allocate array and xpvhv_aux. (test 34)
	Fixed method_named (CPAN #53889, test 35) for B::C, better fix than for B::CC.
	Added -DH for HV debuggging.
	Fixed HV self-references causing endless loops, i.e. with use Moose, test 36.
	* CC.pm (1.05): added experimental -finline-ops. Always on. Can be removed if
	  it works okay for the new inlined versions.
	Inlined pp_enter, pp_reset, pp_regcreset, pp_stringify.
	Fixed pp_padsv DEREF for 5.10.
	Documented test coverage for each op.
	Fixed wrong $PERL511 definition.
	Added Opcodes support (no_stack), on CPAN as 0.01.
	  added pp_pushmark pp_break pp_continue to no_stack handling.
	Fixed method_named (CPAN #53889, test 35) assuming there is only const
	  before method_named. No counter examples found so far.

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