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    # Check if we need to resolve ~
    if ($path =~ /~/) {
        # We use getpwuid() instead of $ENV{HOME} because the latter is tainted
        # and thus produces warnings when running tests with perl -T
        my $home = (getpwuid($<))[7];
        die "Could not get home directory" unless $home and -d $home;
        $path =~ s/~/$home/g;

    bless { path => $path } => $class;

=head2 $i3->connect

Establishes the connection to i3. Returns an C<AnyEvent::CondVar> which will
be triggered with a boolean (true if the connection was established) as soon as
the connection has been established.

    if ($i3->connect->recv) {
        say "Connected to i3";

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