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Since the regular expression matches this string, the include rule is

=item *

Regex rules are checked before non-regex rules.  For example:

  $ie->exclude('foo', 'bar');

  $ie->evaluate('foo', 'bar'); # include, due to regex

=item *

If two or more regular expressions at the same level match a path, the
result is undefined:

  $ie->evaluate('foobar'); # undef is returned



=head1 METHODS

=head2 new

Create a new instance.  Accepts an optional hashref of arguments.  The
arguments may be:

=over 4

=item join 

String to join remaining path elements with when matching against a
regex.  Defaults to C</>, which is good for matching against URLs or
filesystem paths.



# self is a tree, that looks like:
# {path1 => [ value1, {path2 => [ value2, ... ]}]}
# path1 has value value1
# path1->path2 has value value2
# path3 is undefined
# etc

sub new {
    my $class = shift;
    my $args = shift || {};
    $args->{join} ||= ''; # avoid warnings
    $args->{regexes} = {};
    my $self = [undef, {}, $args];
    return bless $self => $class;

# walks down the tree and sets the value of path to value
sub _set {
    my $tree  = shift;
    my $path  = shift;
    my $value = shift;
    my $regexes = $tree->[2]->{regexes};

    my $ref = 0;
    foreach my $head (@$path){
	# ignore everything after a qr// rule
	croak "Ignoring values after a qr// rule" if $ref;
	if(ref $head){
	    $ref = 1;
	    $regexes->{"X$head"} = $head;
	    $head = "X$head";
	else {
	    $head = "0$head";
	my $node = $tree->[1]->{$head};
	$node = $tree->[1]->{$head} = [undef, {}]
	  if('ARRAY' ne ref $node);
	$tree = $node;
    $tree->[0] = $value;

=head2 include(@path)

Add an include path to the rule tree.  C<@path> may end with a regex.


sub include {
    my $self = shift;
    my @path = @_;
    $self->_set(\@path, 1);

=head2 exclude(@path)

Add an exclude path to the rule tree.  C<@path> may end with a regex.


sub exclude {
    my $self = shift;
    my @path = @_;
    $self->_set(\@path, 0);

=head2 evaluate(@path)

Evaluate whether C<@path> should be included (true) or excluded
(false).  If the include/exclude status cannot be determined (no rules
match, more than one regex matches), C<undef> is returned.

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