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  - Bumping version and updated Changes appropriately.
  - Throttle the commit info loading.
  - Update bootstrapping for local::lib 1.006000.
  - Fixed author_* barewords in Makefile.PL.
  - Handle merges in the diff view.
  - Add script/{,env} to MANIFEST.SKIP.

0.001008 2010-06-03
  - Add a requires_external_bin for the git command so we won't try running
    tests unless it's present.
  - Remove MooseX::MultiMethods as it has been broken by a recent Moose
    change. The new code is smaller and will be faster.
  - Add diagnostics to the tests to print out the version of git that
    people are using.
  - Make tests which commonly fail with older/different versions of git
    fail with the output of their git command to make debugging the tests
    from automated reports possible.

0.001007 2010-05-15
  - Set the use_request_uri_for_path configuration variable to be compatible
    with Catalyst 5.80024.

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