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               perl Makefile.PL
               make test
               make install

This should run on perl5 and later.  It might run on perl4.

Hard dependencies:




use strict;
use Geo::ShapeFile;
use Math::Polygon;
use Data::Dumper;

use lib "../lib";
use lib "lib";
use Geo::Location::TimeZone;
# This is a hacky script to generate the data used by Geo::Location::TimeZone.
# It essentially uses brute force.  It is run by the package maintainer, and
# not as part of unpacking the package.
# The steps taken are:
#	1) Read in list of centroid points and matching names.

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( run in 1.827 second using v1.00-cache-1.14-grep-d5ab23a-cpan-e77a7cfd14d )